ILC Dover’s New Xtrakt™ System Significantly Reduces Waste and the Environmental Impact of Bulk Liquid Dispensing

The innovative system also boosts efficiency, improves operator safety and preserves product integrity

Frederica, Del., May 16, 2017—ILC Dover today announced the introduction of its new Xtrakt™ System for bulk liquid dispensing. The innovative system is designed to provide virtually complete extraction of both low- and high-viscosity liquids, such as lotions, creams and gels, dispensed from shipping and transfer totes that use liquid liners in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). At the same time, the system improves operator safety and ensures sanitary handling of product throughout the shipping, transfer and dispensing process.

In making the announcement, Glenn LeBlanc, ILC Dover’s VP & Division Manager for Packaging, noted, “Using a systems approach and their extensive knowledge of advanced films and packaging technology, our team of engineers at ILC Dover have developed a system that efficiently dispenses liquids from bulk containers. We believe our Xtrakt System represents a new standard in bulk liquid handling, especially for viscous products.”

The performance of the system has been validated in multiple customer trials, demonstrating the ability to reduce residual product in a bulk liner to as little as 0.1% of the liner’s capacity. Customers using the patent-pending Xtrakt system in their own facilities report residual product of less than 2 kg remaining in a typical 1,200-liter (315-gallon) liner, down from 10-40 kilos (22-88 pounds) of residual product left by previous dispensing systems and techniques. Based on estimated product values ranging from $5 to $15 per kilogram, the Xtrakt system would save these customers from $40 to $570 per liner-dispensing-cycle… (learn more)

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