The Importance of Portable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is like the air bag in your vehicle– you might not always think about it, but after your life is saved, you’re glad you had one that worked.

Gas leaks and chemical spills are only some of the dangers those working in industrial, factory or warehouse settings potentially face every day. When a tragedy strikes, workers can’t afford to spend precious time hassling with their emergency personal protective equipment – it must be easy to use and reliable in order to save lives. In an emergency situation, minutes make the difference between life and death.

Committed to Protection

The ILC Dover NIOSH-approved SCape® CO/CBRN30 emergency respirator is designed with quick, reliable protection in mind. The unique design of the respirator’s hood and blower help anyone escape from harmful contaminants within moments.

  • Positive Pressure Protection

    • When removed from the package, the blower delivers clean, filtered air directly to the user – providing higher levels of protection and reducing the physiological burden on the wearer.
  • Mission Critical Protection

    • The SCape® CO/CBRN30 respirator is the most advanced air-purifying escape respirator on the market – providing 30 minutes of mission critical protection from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contaminants
  • Consolidated Storage

    • Each SCape® CO/CBRN30 respirator is stored in a sealed, easy-to-open container with a shelf life of 5 years with no required maintenance. Easily stored in cabinets, drawers, bins or shelves it is easily accessed and distributed throughout the workplace.

We know you need reliable protection at a moment’s notice to safeguard your most vital asset – your workers. As one of the world’s leaders in innovative protective solutions using flexible materials, ILC Dover has been protecting people from dangerous elements for nearly 75 years. Let us show you how we can help protect your workforce.

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