Benefits of Using Form-Fit Bulk Liners & Fill Bridges With IBCs

There are countless options on the market for barrels, tanks, and containers designed to transport and store bulk liquid products. Among all the options on the market today, one of the best ways to ensure your liquid products are safely and accurately filled and packaged for processing, transportation, and storage is by using a form-fit liquid bulk liner and fill bridge with a rigid or paper IBC. The liner allows the IBC to be instantly reused, and the fill bridge makes the process quick and easy.

Learn the benefits of using form-fitting liquid liners and fill bridges in your liquid product management processes and watch this video for a demonstration of how to effectively use them with your tote.

Form-Fit Bulk Liquid Liners

Grayling™ form-fit liquid liners are easy to use and do an incredible job of minimizing waste, spills, leaks, and residue during filling, emptying, transportation, and storage. By precisely matching the interior dimensions of an IBC, form-fit liners expand without any folds, creases, or gussets that would lead to an improper fill.

The Grayling form-fit liners’ unique construction consists of a tube and two end caps and contains fewer seams and less material overall than traditional bottleneck styles. Taking these key components of superior design further, the types and thicknesses of films available for construction can be fully customized to suit the unique needs of your bulk liquid product transportation and storage needs.

For oxygen-sensitive products, barrier films are also available to ensure liquid products are completely protected. Each liner has two fitments, one for a discharge port at the bottom of the IBC and a fill fitment on the top of the liner.

Key Benefits of Form-Fit Liquid Liners

  • Improves package performance and protects from contamination and leakage
  • Allows for a complete fill without monitoring, which reduces labor costs
  • Require less polyethylene material to manufacture than a similar capacity pillow style liner
  • Reduces waste and conserves resources
  • Enables outer container to be reused instantly and eliminates the need for costly cleaning

Fill Bridges

When it comes to filling, a fill bridge is a must-have. Stainless steel fill bridges can be secured to the tops of rigid and paper IBCs, and enable form-fit liquid liners to be filled quickly, easily, and safely without spilling a single drop. The top-fill fitments on Grayling form-fit liners lock in place at the center of a fill bridge for easy hands-free operation. With the liner’s corners aligned, the fill bridge in place, and the top fill fitment locked in, it’s simple to attach a hose to the fitment and start filling hands-free. Some fill bridges include hose cradles to make it even easier to manage the filling process. Once the top seams of the liner are within a couple of inches of the top of the tote, filling is complete. It’s then a simple matter of carefully disconnecting the hose, re-capping your top fill fitment, and disconnecting and removing the fill bridge.

Start Optimizing Your Filling and Dispensing Operations

This proven process makes filling, transporting, and storing liquid IBCs easier, safer, and more cost- and time-effective. Want more help optimizing chemical storage and transportation solutions? Talk with us about form-fit liquid liners for your IBCs, and tools like stainless steel fill bridges that streamline operations, improve safety, and minimize waste.

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