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Patty Stoll

President, Space and Engineered Solutions

As President, Space and Engineered Solutions, Patty Stoll leads ILC Dover’s Space Systems and Engineered Solutions division, driving results from programs with highly engineered content, critical program management, and strong customer focus. Patty’s time in the Naval Academy, Marine Corps, and at Lockheed Martin helped her develop the tools she needed for her first role at ILC Dover as a Project Engineer. Over the last 16 years with the company, she has worked in the Flight Engineering Group and managed programs for space suits and other space products. If there was one problem in the world only Patty could solve, she would have people not only accept the ways in which we’re all different, but value them as well. She feels that it’s important to make people feel respected and cared about and gets satisfaction from engaging people from many different backgrounds, finding their strengths.